The Donald Scott NYC Razor Styling Tools Provide Clean Precision Cuts

The scissors was primarily used to cut the strands of hair to the length people wanted. Unfortunately, a scissors cut often left the ends of the hair slightly uneven and sometimes jagged, which resulted in having split ends. In recent years, professional hair stylists have found the edge of a razor blade much better at making a clean cut on hair, which is why the Donald Scott NYC line of hair styling tools includes several that are made with razor blades.


The hair styling tools like straight razors available from Donald Scott NYC are designed to help stylists cut hair effortlessly for both long and short styles. This precision blade is ideal for creating layered looks on even the coarsest hair. The Donald Scott NYC Carving Comb is available in both fine and wide styles. This tool places the blade at the end of the comb handle, making it easy to switch from combing and sectioning hair to cutting and shaping.

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  1. The Chop Stik Pro razor tool has an aluminum handle to reduce the weight of the tool as well as the stress placed on a stylist’s wrist. For decades, the most common hair cutting tools were a pair of scissors and a trimmer. This is something that had articulately described in the first instance of the incidence and it’s still not a per-determined factor after all which is what is seeing in most people too.

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