Norman Lear Joins The Podcast Network Of Norman Pattiz In What Will Certainly Be A Stunning Performance

Norman Lear is a veteran of World War II, a producer, a writer, a director, and the creator of sitcoms that have become legendary. He created All In The Family, One Day At A Time, Good Times, Maude, The Jeffersons, and so many more. His work defined and revolutionized television for Americans. His voice has changed boundaries, assured progression, and is coming to a podcast every week. As the Founder of PodcastOne Norman Pattiz announced that listeners will soon be taking a ride of enlightenment with Norman Lear. There will be conversation, current events, family and comedy programming, politics, music, social issues, and a whole lot more. The topics will cover nearly everything you could possibly imagine with unique and enlightening perspectives. There will be everyday people, politicians, and celebrities joining in the fun. Learn more:

Every week Norman Lear will be accompanied by his faithful sidekick, excellent friend, composer, and actor Paul Hipp. The earliest celebrity guests will include Jerrod Carmichael, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amy Poehlerand, and America Ferrera. The basketball talent of the son of Louis Dreyfus will be featured along with Carmichaels triathlon training. And Poehler’s religious aspects. The debut of the podcast has been set for May 1st and there will be new episodes available every single Monday right on the PodcastOne app,, and iTunes. Presubscriptions are available for the fans.


According to Norman Lear he decided to wait until he had already lived half his life before launching a podcast. He is nearly 95 and is telling his potential audience they are peers and no matter how old they are they need to subscribe and see for themselves. Norman Pattiz and Norman Lear have known each other for a long time and Pattiz says he admires Lear. He thinks having him on his network will be really cool and welcomed him aboard from one Norman to the other. For even more information on the two Norman’s please visit


Norman Pattiz is a hallmark of the broadcasting industry. His membership into the National Radio Hall of Fame was earned with unique and sensational performances. His dedication and ingenuity are responsible for Westwood One and his career has been long and delightful. He married Mary Turner who had her own reputation as a phenomenal radio personality and the work she did for the Betty Ford Center. The couple lives in California and Norman Pattiz is still involved in several charities and organizations including the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation.


Julia Jackson: When Intelligence Meets Charm

As Jackson Family Wines continues to grow and expands to new markets, making Julia Jackson as its spokesperson has been a wise move.

Young, charming, and smart, Julia Jackson is the middle daughter of the late wine icon Jess Jackson and esteemed former land use and constitutional law attorney Barbara Banke. She finished her undergraduate degree at Scripps College with a major in studio art. She further pursued her graduate studies at Stanford School of Business.

Growing up in the family’s vineyards, her interest in wines has always been evident even when she was a child. One of her fondest memories was sorting and picking grapes with her father under the sweltering California summer heat.

Learning the value of hard work, she now holds a major role in the family business that takes pride in producing exceptional wines under the company’s wide array of brands like Chevriot, Cardinale, and Siduri. As a wine aficionado herself, her attuned wine palate prefers the Cabernet varietal grown in Sonoma County.

While she is not busy rubbing elbows with Hollywood stars and society’s elites, she invests her time in the non-profit organization she founded in 2014 – the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. The program aims to recognize outstanding women who are making remarkable contributions in their communities. This $100,000 cash grants just show Julia’s great passion and support to inspiring women who are making a difference in the world.

Looking ahead, there is definitely no slowing down for Julia Jackson. Her admirable drive to hone her craft further despite her past achievements is only a great sign that Jackson Family Wines will be in good hands for the years to come. Visit to know more about Julia.

Jeremy Goldstein explaining the benefits of knockout options

Companies across the country are reaching the point where they are stopping to give employees stock options. Some companies do it to save money, other times the reasons are far more complex.

Jeremy Goldstein is an advocate for knockout options. Stock options have become the better option when compared to insurance, equities or higher wages.

As the stock value increase the employees personal portfolio receive a boost. This will cause employees to work harder at attracting new clients and satisfying existing clients.

When a corporation decides to stop offering stock options, they need a new gameplan. One option for companies is the knockout.

This style of stock options has the same requirements as conventional stocks but the difference is if the shares drop too low, the employees lose them.

When companies offer knockout option benefits, non-staff investors dont face threats from options. This allows current stockholders to worry less about less ownership shares.

Knockout options often result in lower compensation figures for executives. These options don’t solve every problem but they do tackle some of the problems faced by companies.

Jeremy Goldstein, the man behind knockout options is the founder and partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. He has gained more than fifteen years in business law. Jeremy Goldstein’s specialty is corporate governance and executive compensation.

He has been a key player in many of the corporate transactions of the last 30 years including, Verizon, United Technologies, Chevron, AT&T and Merck. Jeremy Goldstein also sits on the board of the Fountain House and a top-tier law journal.

Jeremy Goldstein earned his J.D. from New York University School of Law. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago in 1996. His firm operates within the greater New York City area. He is also part of the New York State Bar’s new online legal service portal.

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Great Healthcare Presented by Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is the CEO and the starter of Foresite Capital. In 2011 Jim founded Foresite as a private firm dedicated to healthcare by identifying surfacing healthcare leaders; then by providing capital, information and networks the healthcare leaders can grow. At an interview, Jim stated that his idea came from his 25 years’ experience as an investment strategist and healthcare entrepreneur. Jim came to realize that advancing healthcare products and also solutions required substantial capital and time. Most entrepreneurs shy away from such investments because they usually want fast and easy ways of making money. An answer to such ideology was Foresite which provides the capital, information as well as the networks. The firm collects all the information they can gather and use the knowledge to be able to identify new healthcare investments which would help people.

According to, currently, the organization has invested in several healthcare companies in diagnostics, medical services, biopharmaceuticals and genomic sequencing. Jim is a man who spends most of his time with the team trying to discuss new ideas, updates and networking. He is also passionate when it comes to his family and friends. Jim also appreciates a healthy and a fit body. Ideas to Jim Tananbaum are not just capital based, but he has to make sure they have a significant impact on healthcare. He is driven by new ideas especially those that involve science and is inspired by how entrepreneurs can apply these innovations to solve healthcare’s largest unsolved needs. Jim explains that science will one day be the core of everything and that it will be the solution to all problems we face currently. He states that he believes in productive team work as he likes working with people who complement him. He continues to say that success is achieved when both partners can focus on a common goal and work towards it.

Jim has also worked in other companies; he was the founder of GelTex Pharmaceuticals. He was also a co-founder and later the CEO of Theravance, Inc. Under his leadership, the two companies became successful and are currently worth billions of dollars. Jim attended Yale where he majored in math and electrical engineering/computer science. He also attended Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Visit for more information.
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Everywhere and Beyond

Securus Technologies seems to only grow further and further in the popularity range as it already holds reputable standings among most inmate cell businesses worldwide; even in the U.S. alone, this business is banking on the money and not planning on letting loose anytime soon. The business has many stated plans and goals for the years ahead, but for now, it is well recognized on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Crunchbase, PR Newswire and among countless other reputable agencies, businesses and social media networks at the same time. This company holds its own in innovative, affordable phone plans and call solutions for families of inmates.


Securus Technologies has appeared in several news pieces published by PR Newswire, and that is just a start: It plans to receive far more media coverage in these next two years alone, so we must stay tuned and keep our fingers crossed for only the best. Securus Technologies is housed in Dallas, where it was also originally founded and based; its beautiful Dallas headquarters are an all-new site to behold as reconstruction and renovation were recently completed on the facility’s interior and exterior alike. Securus Technologies is not like most of the prison cells that it provides service for, ugly and lifeless on the inside: No, this proud company building serves as a longstanding example of what any true cell service or phone plan provider should first provide to any potential clients – visual appeal and first impression applaud ability.


Securus Technologies is just as recognized in Canada as it is in the U.S., and that widespread reputation is only further growing. According to Securus executives at a recent press conference in late 2016, Securus Technologies hopes to make itself known in China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and other Asian markets by the end of 2030.


A New Worker’s Rights Law For Philly: Litigation Specialist Karl Heideck Shares His Perspective

The beginning of 2017 was looking bright for worker’s rights activists in the Philadelphia area. On January 23, Mayor Jim Kenney signed a new law that would make the city the first to prohibit inquiries from private sector employers about applicant salary histories. However, legal opposition to the law soon emerged from the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philly.

The law, in part, was designed to help close the wage gap between men and women in Pennsylvania by forbidding employers from collecting job candidate salary data without permission and asking job applicants to share previous salaries, among others. Some experts speculate that the policy will mostly affect employers that are headquartered outside on the Philadelphia city limits, some of whom are likely to face fines of up to $2,000 for violating provisions.

These circumstances led to challenges from large conglomerate companies like Comcast Communications who filed a district court motion seeking a preliminary injunction on April 6th—just months before the law would have gone into effect. The city retaliated, however, with the filing of a motion to have the lawsuit dismissed on the ground that it failed to specify how the legislation would injure businesses—to which, the district court agreed.

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Karl Heideck—a contract attorney specializing in litigation, has analyzed the case exhaustively. His work deals primarily with compliance and risk management.

A 2003 recipient of the Bachelor of Arts degree from Swarthmore College and a 2009 graduate of Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law, Heideck also specializes in a number of specific legal focus areas, including corporate law, legal research and writing, commercial litigation, and employment law, among others.

Mestel & Company’s Hire Council has listed Karl Heideck since April 2015. Hire Council is a proponent of groundbreaking service provision for law firms all around the country.

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