Stream Energy Brings Power to the People

Out of 52 retail electricity providers in Texas, the marketing research firm Market Strategies International has acknowledged Stream Energy as being one of the most reputable, trusted brands.

Stream Energy is a major direct selling company and also provides connected life services. A study conducted by Michigan based market research firm Market Strategies International declared Stream Energy as one of the top 10 most trust-worthy REP’S or retail electricity providers in the state of Texas. A survey was sent to almost 6,000 customers scoring 52 REP’s in the state. These scores were based on several factors including: customer focus, communications effectiveness, competitive rates, local reputation, reliable quality, community support, and environmental dedication. Follow Stream Energy on Linkedin.

The results of the study concluded that trust of the brand is especially influenced by the company’s engagement with the community, as well as initiative shown during disasters like Hurricane Harvey. Senior Vice President of Market Strategies Chris Oberle stated: “Texans want the support of their retailer, not just a service. It’s no surprise Stream Energy has seen monumental success.” Stream Energy had a big hand in helping families and businesses recover from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, including giving $25,000 to the Red Cross, as well as waiving fees for customers unable to make timely payments. Visit to know more about Stream Energy.

Established in 2005, Stream Energy initially located their headquarters in Dallas, but recently moved to Addison. The company started by providing electricity and natural gas, but has since expanded operations to providing mobile phone services as well as home security systems. Additionally, Stream Energy incorporates a marketing technique referred to as “multi-level marketing,” through their separately branded company, Ignite.

The company has seen resounding success, accumulating nearly 9 billion dollars in profits during 12 years in business. Part of Stream Energy’s success lies in their unconventional but revolutionary approach to business. Unlike most companies that carry out business with traditional methods, Stream Energy has capitalized on the idea of selling their products by word of mouth. By doing this, they have managed to create a distinct position in a saturated market, rapidly becoming the biggest direct selling energy business across the globe.


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