The Unique And Successful Approach Of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education consists of charter schools determined to answer the response for a higher quality of education in the low income communities. These communities have been searching for a way to eliminate the gap in achievement and Rocketship Education is a big part of the solution. During the course of seventeen years Rocketship Education has seen a lot of growth. They now have ten charter schools located throughout the country. They have achieved the top five percent for all districts serving California’s lower income students for three years in a row.

WorkMonger has established a partnership with Rocketship Education and two JobSeekers have already been placed with the charter schools. Once of these individuals is Keina Hodge. She was successfully placed last summer in San Jose as a Business Operations Manager. She has spoken of how much she loves the work she does for Rocketship Education and how much she likes the team. She admits there are generally some obstacles to be faced but says their team is passionate and dedicated to their purpose. She stated the students are now able to have big dreams because of Rocketship Education. The schools are targeting low performance and low income communities to provide the support they need to reach the pinnacle of success.

One of the main reasons Rocketship Education is unique is because of the approach they use regarding public education. They not only provide their students with an excellent education they also focus on engaging the parents, empowering the teachers and inspiring the communities. They believe it is critical parents are given the option to choose where their kids attend school. The school model has family engagement embedded in the principles. Parents are required to volunteer at every single Rocketship school. This is by no means a penalty but rather an opportunity to help build a community with an investment in the education of every child. Rocketship Education has made a positive difference for each and every one of these kids.

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