InnovaCare Health Thriving Under the Leadership of CEO Rick Shinto

InnovaCare is a healthcare company in the United States. The health company specializes in providing Medicare Advantage Programs and physician services. InnovaCare Health has been providing its clients with top-notch services as part of its commitment to serving the needs of the people. The solution offered by InnovaCare is integrated with the latest technology for the best outcomes. The company is located in Puerto Rico. Currently, there are over 7,000 health providers, serving over 200,000 patients. To make services to the people even smoother, InnovaCare has partnered with Puerto Rico government. InnovaCare is led by Dr. Richard Shinto who is the president and CEO. Previously, he has worked with AVETA Inc. before it was sold to other players in the industry.


Dr. Shinto is one of the experienced players in the industry. For the last two decades, he has been working in the industry in different organizations. He has worked with NAMM and CMO in California. Dr. Richard Shinto has authored various publications on clinical medicine and healthcare. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from California University-Irvine. He then joined State University of New York-Stony Brook. In order to manage the healthcare sector well as a business, he holds a Masters of Business Administration from Redlands University.


Dr. Richard Shinto work in the industry has been recognized through various awards that have been given to him. He is the winner of the Access to Caring Award given by the University of Health Sciences at the Western University. Dr. Shinto was recognized for his achievement in the advancement of healthcare services to poor people.


Dr. Richard Shinto has been working closely with other professionals in the industry to provide better care. One of the people is Penelope Kokkinides who has since his employment proved an invaluable member of the InnovaCare family. Dr. Shinto started his medical practice as a pulmonologist in California. He has since gone ahead to acquire much experience in different institutions of healthcare. The success of InnovaCare can be based on the performance of Dr. Richard Shinto.


The healthcare company has been expanding its research work into other fields which are related to the medical industry so that they can facilitate best services to their clients as much as they can. Dr. Shinto has been an inspiration to many people who work in the healthcare industry. Since he was appointed the CEO, he has taken this a notch higher by facilitating development in the company.


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