The Visionary Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a man of many talents and his devotion to improving the ranks of the world top ten economies of Brazil and taking it to the next level. Besides working at EnergiparCaptacao S.A, the in fracture specialist by education and training has got the honor of serving in high positions at various companies such as directing Antonio Energia Corporation. The distinct managerial skills he has gained from working in different financial companies have made him a legend in the field. The combination as a financial strategist and the Brazilian best infrastructure specialist has seen him work with other state agency to assist the federal government with the best solutions that effectively eliminate waste across the country while making maximum profits in the process. Visit on his twitter account for more updates.

His dedication of promoting the social status of the Brazilian community, boost economic growth and improve the livelihood of the general population have geared him towards using his skills and expertise to help the government fight infrastructure deficit. His primary focus is in the key areas that touch the ordinary citizens such as the sanitation, street lighting, dare care and pre-school facilities, and the transportation sector. He is doing so by complementing the state agencies with the use of improved PPP.

Some of his most notable work in the transportation sector is the use of his PPP projects to revolutionize the road lighting systems that replaced the traditional lamps with modern and energy efficient LED lamps. Aiming to improve the living standards of Brazilian and promoting accessibility of quality education of students from low-income earners, he has constructed more than twenty thousand modern daycare centers and state of the art pre-schools in the capital. FelipeMontoro Jens has also contributed through partnering with other private firms in modernizing pavements, hiking trails, and bike curbs along some main avenues that are commonly used by ordinary citizens in the city.

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Motherhood In Art by Ann Scango

Not all art of mothers and children reflect the painful side of motherhood. Motherhood begins way before birth. At the time of fertilization the woman’s life is changed forever. Setting aside the mental and chemical change a woman endures, Senga Nengudi’s R.S.V.P., 1975-present is a creative depiction of the physical change a woman goes through during her pregnancy.

The Physical Depiction With Art

As the mother’s body adjusts to carry a new life, in R.S.V.P., each sand filled pantyhose is adjusting as well. Stretching and pulling in different directions to accommodate the new weight. It is unpredictable and shows the body’s resilience. The difficulty of motherhood is explained here as the hoses are stretched to the limits just like a mother’s body when carrying a baby. Strong women who have experienced motherhood seem to really be on point when it comes to portraying that life in art form. They have shown emotion and surrealism that one can only begin to appreciate if they understood what it actual took to be a mother.

About Ann Scango

Ann Scango is a visual artist and sculptor who uses polyurethane foam as well as a range of industrial resources from the environment in Austin Texas to create texturally complex and 3d art pieces. Ann Scango can also use simple materials such as mulch from her garden and twigs from the local park. Ann Scango pursued her Firestar Austin fellowship from 2010-2015. She then took a year off to be a sty at home mom. In 2016 Ann Scango became an art curator and started the Scango Collection which is still around today. Ann Scango tackles uses her art to challenge her audience to think about the relationship of humans and nature, as well as open interpretation. Linking humanity with the environment is important in both of Ann Scango’s 3D and 2D works.

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Adam Milstein Reflects on Past Tragedies and Helps People Move Forward

People go through tragedies in different ways. Some people go through personal tragedies that they have to work through. Then there are tragedies that hit a people as a whole, and on a natural or cultural level. Either way, people are met with a challenge to overcome the tragedies. The worst part of these tragedies is that they tend to be very tricky to overcome. Some people work very hard to get past the tragedy only to find themselves in a relapse. However, there are ways that people can overcome their tragedies and make a more positive life from it.


One of the people who takes a negative experience and makes a positive outcome from it is Adam Milstein. He is aware of the holocaust and looks for ways that he can help his people overcome the long-term effects of this tragedy. Even though they have gone through this tragedy as a people, they have made a lot of achievements throughout their lives. They have banded together and worked to lift each other up so that they can effectively move forward. Another thing that Adam Milstein does is look into ways to avoid another tragedy like this. He has a lot of insights that help in this case.


One thing that Adam Milstein points out about the holocaust is that it does not happen in just one night. There is a process involved. This process is often long running. It often starts as something small such as racism and anti-semitism. It also grows a little bit over time. Therefore, it is important to catch this issue and make every effort to prevent another holocaust. This can be done in multiple ways including the strengthening of the community as well as doing everything possible to discourage such occurrences of anti-semitism. Leadership is also important, which is what Adam Milstein has provided.