Follow These Tips, Win In Life, Says Igor Cornelsen

In spelling bees held around the globe – as long as such competitions don’t have time limits or any other restrictions that keep them from playing out to completion – winners are always reached. The same can be said for English Premier League soccer, National Basketball Association hoops, and any other competitive sports on planet Earth.

Likewise, some people are better off in foreseeing what could happen within the wide-open field of financial markets and investments than other people are. Igor Cornelsen is one of the most authoritative figures in all of investing and financial market analysis in either or both the United States and Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen is from Brazil, born to a working-class family in 1947. Though he wasn’t dirt poor growing up, he never had a business he inherited, nor was he the heir of a substantial trust fund or any other assets of major value. Rather, he had to make his success in business through his own means, rather than relying on the hard work, luck, and business acuity of parents or family members. After graduating from the Federal University of Parana in 1970, he worked for Multibanco on its board of directors and within its C-suite as the chief executive officer, as well as Unibanco in several important roles, and more than one prestigious, top-shelf bank in the United Kingdom.

Cornelsen knows what it takes to win in the world of business, particularly the prediction of future performance of financial instruments, analysis of market happenings that had already taken place in the past, and executing trades that could gain substantial wealth – or big-time losses – for one’s own portfolio or that of one’s client base. Although this cornucopia of skills is highly tailored to the industry of finance, he still knows quite a few things that he enjoys sharing with younger people around the globe.

He feels that staying away from cognitive bias in interpreting what could happen in the world of finance is paramount to success. Also, Igor Cornelsen urges younger investors that staying away from others’ opinions is also a great way to win in the industry.

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