Rodrigo Terpins Prepares For Life As An Entrepreneur.

When the 2014 Sertoes Rally came to an end on August 20th of 2014, Rodrigo Terpins and his partner Fabricio Bianchini had secured a Top-5 finish in the Prototypes T1 category. Their top-level placement showed that Rodrigo Terpins, a professional rally car driver from Sao Paulo, was still one of the elite drivers in the nation. The only reason that Rodrigo’s skills were up for debate was due to his rapidly burgeoning interest in life outside of the race track. While Rodrigo will likely never give up racing for good, the past several years have shown that Rodrigo is ready and willing to start looking at life outside of the cockpit. Let’s look at what Brazil’s most popular rally car driver has been up to in the intervening years.


When not on the Brazillian rally circuit, Terpins is working hard in order to establish his business practices across a variety of different industries. A voracious reader and researcher, Terpins was quick to identify potential business opportunities when he jumped into the entrepreneurial world. One of Rodrigo’s most successful early business ideas was that of FLoresvale, a sustainable and environmentally friendly wood extraction business. Terpins identified how big the industry was for Brazil and he identified that an environmentally friendly business was long overdue in that specific market. ¬†You can visit to see more.



Crafting ethically focused businesses is part and parcel of working with Rodrigo Terpins. He seems focused on starting businesses and working in fields that appeal to him both professionally and personally. Perhaps for that reason, Rodrigo Terpins is beginning to heavily research investing in the medicinal and recreational marijuana industries. Terpins believes that marijuana may be the next big industry in Brazil due to the overwhelming support from both the scientific community and the common person at large. With that being said, Terpins knows that you don’t win a race by overcompensating for an idea or for a sharp turn and for that reason he has committed to a patient long-form approach to investing. For aspiring entrepreneurs, Terpins heavily suggests studying hard and staying up to date with the various industries in the country because you never know what might come next.


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