Consider Receiving Either Short-Term or Long-Term Dividends from Freedom Checks

If you saw an ad that promised you you could gain millions of dollars by buying certain penny stocks immediately, you would probably denounce it as a scam and stay as far away from its suggestion as possible. That usually is a wise thing to do because there are many schemes like that out there promising investors great wealth that turn out to be big hoaxes. But if you’ve heard anything about freedom checks, you might think the same thing because these too promise great profits if you buy the right ones, only they are not scams. Yes, that’s right they are real investments, and here is what you should know about them before buying them.

Freedom checks are basically like stocks and can be bought through public trade platforms, but they do have major differences. Nearly every company that issues freedom check investments is based in the oil and natural resources industry, and the company will also be registered as a master limited partnership (MLP). An MLP is not your typical corporation because the way it’s run and publicly traded falls under some regulations that are a bit complex to understand; but two regulations they follow state that they must pay at least 90℅ of the income they generate to shareholders, and those payouts are treated as return on capital. That second regulation is particularly important because return on capital investments fall in a tax code loophole that makes them tax exempt. That means if you own and hold onto a freedom check, you will not be paying any tax on the dividends gained, though if you do sell it later you pay the lower capital gains tax doing so.

It’s Matt Badiali who you can thank for discovering just how valuable these freedom checks are. He’s a geologist who has both taught the subject as a university professor, and has traveled around the world and had working relationships with some of the world’s top oil and mining companies. He has even traveled out to sites owned by the legendary T. Boone Pickens. Badiali discovered that these MLP oil and natural gas companies were going to be profiting over $34 billion soon because the push to end foreign oil dependence was growing even more, and even today foreign oil imports are at some of the lowest numbers they’ve ever been. By buying freedom checks now, you’re able to cash in on a part of those companies’ production revenue, and some freedom check holders can even see gains of over 10,000℅ at the height of the fracking boom. Now not everyone will be walking away rich, but even some of the lower end earnings can be quite large. To find out more about these investments and what Badiali has to say, go to

Visit their website: Launched A New Tracking Solution That Uses Blockchain Tech or Jingdong, China’s greatest retail store right now, has teamed up with pharmaceutical companies for a blockchain technology-based tracing system. The system is called the JD Medicine Open Tracing Solution and uses the efficient blockchain technology used on cryptocurrencies. This is Jingdong’s effort to make the pharmaceutical supply chains in Chiana more transparent when it comes to consumer products.

The JD Medicine Open Tracing Solution was first announced during JD’s 2018 Big Data Summit which was held in Beijing. This tech is available using the JD Blockchain Open Platform and is involved in the production, transportation, storage, medical application, and the sales of drugs. To improve the data collection, Jingdong also uses the Internet of Things solutions and is fronted by a friendly User Interface.

This Blockchain solution will be used in order to track the medicines, especially vaccines, that are being made, stored, and sold to Chinese computers. By using a technology similar to what is known as “ledgers” in the cryptocurrencies, the system will detect if a medicine is different, which means it can be expired or below the safety standards.

Jingdong has made this effort in order to curb the growing fear from the Chinese citizens who are buying pharmaceutical products online or even in physical stores. The surfacing of reports concerning below average products and expired vaccines are the main driver of fear. Chinese citizens are concerned more than ever about the safety of their medicine they consume and where did it come from.

Jian Pei, the head of JD Big Data and Smart Supply Chain, stated that the solution aims to provide the transparency and raise the accountability of those who are in the pharmaceutical industry. This is because those who are accountable can now be easily traced and punished by the law.

Jingdong’s Blockchain Open Platform was launched this year to provide other services in different industries that is working with. Among these industries are Retail as a Service or RaaS, which functions to leverage and strengthen the supply chain, technology, improve the logistics, and other means to improve JD’s ties to its partners. The first Chinese company to use this system is the China Pacific Insurance Company via their e-invoices.

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Betsy Devos

Betsy DeVos may be seem publicly gracious, but she is a relentless political fighter at heart. As the United States Secretary of Education, she has experienced a fair share of challenges and setbacks. Not too long ago, she was unable to convince the powerful Trump administration to allow transgender students bathroom access that matched their gender identities.


When she joined in the announcement of the new policy that denied transgender students the choice to use bathrooms correlating to their gender identities, she seemed to support President Trump’s decision. But there have been many reports that confirm she had strongly resisted the move.


Many people who know DeVos personally believe that her experience as former Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman, a prominent Republican Party donor, and a major advocate or charter schools has showed her how to be resilient yet kind in the face of adversity.


Throughout the years, DeVos has tirelessly fought to steer tax dollars toward charter schools as opposed to traditional public schools. She strongly believes that charter schools can provide students with a quality education, but opponents think that her initiatives have only undermined public education by stripping the system of its important resources.


Despite the opposition that she has frequently encountered, she still remains steadfast on her goals to make school-choice an option for underprivileged families. During the course of the past year, she has been seen visiting many schools in Miami to propel her initiatives. One of the most prominent charter schools that she often visits is called SLAM. Founded by popular rapper Pitbull, SLAM is managed by a for-profit company known as Academica. By collaborating with Pitbull, DeVos is continuing on her mission to ensure that school-choice expansion stays a top priority.


After reflecting on her commitment to making sure that every poor family has the choice to send their children to a charter school, there is no doubt that DeVos has the necessary skills to win the argument concerning transgender bathroom access. While change may not happen overnight, it’s unlikely that she is ever going to give up.


Along with her strong charter school and transgender rights beliefs, DeVos is also known for her generous political donations. Over the course of her lifetime, she has donated roughly $139 million to charitable organizations. Most of the charitable contributions have been given to educational causes, so it’s clear where her focus has been in past years.


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The Growth of JHSF under the Leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto

JHSF is a leading brand in real estate in Brazil. Some of these projects are residential while others are commercial. The most notable accomplishments by the firm include shopping centers and luxurious hotels spread across the country. The organization was founded in 1972 and is currently headed by Jose A Neto as the chairman. One of the factors that have helped JHSF to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors is the management’s ability to identify viable business opportunities. The company operates on core values such as corporate governance, innovation, quality, and sustainability. Over the years, it has expanded its operations in some Brazilian capitals such as Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus. Internationally, it has established some offices in the United States and Uruguay.

JHSF focuses on four business units: Shopping centers, Incorporation, Fasano Hotels, and an airport. The company’s four shopping centers include Shopping Cidade Jardim which is based in Sao Paulo and Catarina Fashion Outlet in Sao Roque. One of the best projects by JHSF was the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz which was launched 17 years ago. It became the first mall to be integrated with public transportation in Brazil. Jose Auriemo Neto has also invested in the fashion industry. He was listed in the BoF 500. The candidates are selected by various editors of The Business of Fashion. The nominations are done by the members of the BoF 500 after a vigorous process which involves extensive data analysis.

JHSF’s success can be attributed to the strong leadership offered by Jose Auriemo Neto. His efforts led to successful venture into the retail business. Some of the organizations that JHSF has partnered with include Hermes and Jimmy Choo. Despite the hard economic times experienced in Brazil in 2016 and 2017, JHSF still managed to have an increase in the gross profit by 16.1%. The businessman acquired his higher education in Brazil and joined the workforce in 1993. Four years later, Jose Auriemo Neto started the services department by launching a company known as Parkbem. The firm specialized in the management of parking lots.

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Rebel Wilson to bring her talents to new production of “Cats”

The star-studded lineup for Universal’s new adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical Cats has added a “Pitch Perfect” voice.

Rebel Wilson, the feisty and funny alumnus of the popular film series, has agreed to join the already talent laden cast, which includes, among others, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift and James Corden. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

According to, the cast of the future feline flick has been rehearsing at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire, UK. Rebel will portray the cat Jennyanydots in the much-anticipated production, which is scheduled for a December 20, 2019 release.

While Jennyanydots may be known as a lazy cat, Miss Wilson has been anything but recently. One could even say that Rebel is one of the hardest working people in Hollywood.

In addition to her new assignment in Cats, she is also starring alongside heartthrob Liam Hemsworth in the February 2019 release Isn’t it Romantic, a movie for which she will garner her very first producer credit. Read more: Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book and Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

And, if that isn’t enough, look for more Rebel Wilson in MGM’s May 2019 release The Hustle with Anne Hathaway, and next fall’s Jojo Rabbit, which also features Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell.

A native of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Rebel Wilson attended an all-girls school, completing her Higher School Certificate in 1997. She is a 2003 graduate of the Australian Theatre for Young People, and her education also includes a Bachelor’s degree from the University of New South Wales. After a successful run as a writer, producer and comedic actor in her home country, she moved to the US in 2010.

Soon after, she was cast in the hit comedy film Bridesmaids. Several other movie roles were to follow, prompting Variety to name her as “One of the top ten comics to watch” for 2011. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

Her iconic role as Fat Amy in the aforementioned Pitch Perfect film series was to follow, along with more accolades, including MTV’s “Best Breakthrough Performance” and Teen Choice’s “Choice Movie Actress” awards.

While she undoubtedly overcame long odds to achieve her success, Rebel developed her unique style at a very young age, staying true to her given name.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, she indicated that it was her uniqueness that opened the door for her to be signed by an agency on only her second day in the U.S. they quite simply hadn’t seen anyone like her before. “

It’s evident that audiences have seen something special in this Rebel with a cause – to take Hollywood by storm, that is.