Betsy Devos

Betsy DeVos may be seem publicly gracious, but she is a relentless political fighter at heart. As the United States Secretary of Education, she has experienced a fair share of challenges and setbacks. Not too long ago, she was unable to convince the powerful Trump administration to allow transgender students bathroom access that matched their gender identities.


When she joined in the announcement of the new policy that denied transgender students the choice to use bathrooms correlating to their gender identities, she seemed to support President Trump’s decision. But there have been many reports that confirm she had strongly resisted the move.


Many people who know DeVos personally believe that her experience as former Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman, a prominent Republican Party donor, and a major advocate or charter schools has showed her how to be resilient yet kind in the face of adversity.


Throughout the years, DeVos has tirelessly fought to steer tax dollars toward charter schools as opposed to traditional public schools. She strongly believes that charter schools can provide students with a quality education, but opponents think that her initiatives have only undermined public education by stripping the system of its important resources.


Despite the opposition that she has frequently encountered, she still remains steadfast on her goals to make school-choice an option for underprivileged families. During the course of the past year, she has been seen visiting many schools in Miami to propel her initiatives. One of the most prominent charter schools that she often visits is called SLAM. Founded by popular rapper Pitbull, SLAM is managed by a for-profit company known as Academica. By collaborating with Pitbull, DeVos is continuing on her mission to ensure that school-choice expansion stays a top priority.


After reflecting on her commitment to making sure that every poor family has the choice to send their children to a charter school, there is no doubt that DeVos has the necessary skills to win the argument concerning transgender bathroom access. While change may not happen overnight, it’s unlikely that she is ever going to give up.


Along with her strong charter school and transgender rights beliefs, DeVos is also known for her generous political donations. Over the course of her lifetime, she has donated roughly $139 million to charitable organizations. Most of the charitable contributions have been given to educational causes, so it’s clear where her focus has been in past years.


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