Sunday Riley’s Consistent Rise Through the Beauty Brand

Without any cloud of doubt, Sunday Riley has become a ubiquitous beauty brand. It has amassed a formidable following on various social media platforms. Many consumers have been associated with the brand, but many lack knowledge on the face behind the brand.

During a recent interview, people got an in-depth look into the life of the daring soul that made it big in the beauty industry. She highlighted key points on the secret behind the massive success of Good Genes over the years. She also revealed her personalized skin-care routine. This was before she launched the store in Manhattan.

Before the launch of Sunday Riley, Sunday Riley was faced with the challenge pertaining to green technology. This was striking the balance between the lab-oriented active ingredients with the botanicals.

The brand makes use of advanced and clinically proven ingredients which is a balance of botanicals and other fast-acting formulas. There is also a commitment for the production of clean formulas.

Her skillset in the beauty industry were created during her work. It was through her job that she harnessed the five techniques for the foundation.

Good Genes is currently their No. 1 selling product. Other brands that are tremendously doing well in the market include, Power Couple, U.F.O, C.E.O., Luna and Tidal.

The daily skin care routine of Sunday Riley includes washing her face twice a day. This is followed with the use of Good Genes thrice a week. In the morning, she makes use of the C.E.O. vitamin C serum followed with Tidal.

Many consumers were interested in knowing whether her brand would expand into hair products. Moreover, Sunday Riley revealed that she also had an interest in scalp health.

Before the current success, Sunday Riley also had a makeup line discontinued. This was back in 2011 before the plans failed due to the huge market demand for the makeup line against the skincare brand. There were also financial constraints coupled with lack of avenues to spread the word.

When it came to developing the new foundation, Sunday Riley revealed that it was all about securing the right amount of shades. This was inclusive of a minimum of 20 shades.

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