Jeremy Goldstein Is One of the Philanthropists Who Planned the Wine Dinner Meant to Support the Fountain House

As a philanthropist, you may wine and dine with your colleagues as a way of commending yourselves for making the society a better place. For instance, Jeremy Goldstein, Omar Khan, and Jim Finkel came together to host an event that was meant to support the Fountain House.  Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | American Conference and Jeremiah Goldstein Hosts Wine Dinner Supporting House | Patch

During the event, people would also get access to exquisite cuisines and quality wine. Since there are many ways of making the society a better place, the Fountain House often helps out people with mental illnesses. As per the statistics from the World Health Organization, more than 450 million people worldwide have mental ailments.

These mental illnesses affect both the individual and their families. Some of the victims are even unable to complete their studies successfully. Others are unable to find jobs, care for themselves, or even manage a relationship. Nevertheless, the Fountain House has proven that things can be different.

The organization has been operational for more than seven decades. Throughout this period, the Fountain House has been offering its assistance to the people suffering from mental illnesses.

Since the people who have mental illness are unable to find the necessary assistance, six people who were suffering from mental illnesses came together to form the Fountain House in 1944. These six patients were from the Rockland State Hospital which is situated in Orangeburg.

Before renaming the organization to the Fountain House, the foundation went by the name “We Are Not Alone.” The name was befitting since many people who suffer from mental illnesses often feel alone as they struggle with their condition.

In 1948, the organization had amassed a huge following. As a result, they had to look for a suitable base of operation. They then acquired a building in New York City. This building would act as their permanent base of operation. Coincidentally, the organization also changed its name to the Fountain House.

The rebranding was inspired by the foundation that was located in the garden. The Fountain House offers its help to both men and women. At the Fountain House, they can work, learn, and live. Since Jeremy Goldstein is a part of the board of directors at the Fountain House, he can contribute greatly to the various operations within the organization.

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