Organo Gold: Money Maker or Not

Organo Gold is a marketer of mainly coffee but also markets personal care products. Organo Gold Markets its products directly through direct sales and distribution as well as using the multi-level marketing model. It follows that its representatives’ benefit income wise from both models. These can be broken down into seven ways.

RETAIL: This forms the basis of the income opportunities at Organo Gold. Representatives simply sell retail products to earn generous profit margins.

BONUS OF PROMOTIONAL PACKS: Bonuses are offered on promotional packs sold and usually range between $20 and $120 without a restriction to the number of Packs sold by representatives. These bonuses are paid weekly.

With the Multi-level marketing model, Organo Gold’s representatives generate income on several levels

TEAM BONUS: Representative earn onuses by recruiting representative into their downlines whereby they earn a percentage the recruitment fees which entail product purchase in three categories i.e. Gold, Silver, and Bronze in descending order. This bonus is disbursed weekly.

UNILEVEL BONUS: This forms the first level of residual income generated from bonuses due to product orders reorders up to nine team levels. The bonuses are paid monthly.

MATCHING BONUS: This the bonus paid out to a representative who has personally sponsored/recruited a distributor who has generated a unilevel bonus up to four levels.

GENERATIONAL BONUS: These are bonuses paid out to representatives who have attained leadership levels with the minimum being a qualified sapphire.

GLOBAL BONUS POOL: This is the apex of bonuses hived off from the global commission payable worldwide from product sales. Its earned monthly but payable quarterly.

Like any other business, earning form Organo Gold requires time and hard work.


New Residential Investment Corporation

New Residential Investment Corporation is a real estate investment company. This company’s main focus is on investing in residential mortgages. It also focuses on managing the assets to these mortgages. New Residential Investment Corp works with many different types of loans and securities.

This company wants to prove their worth. They like to work with the high risk mortgages. They want to prove their investment expertise by making deals with mortgages that will allow for big returns. They like the deals that will allow for long term cash coming in to the company. New Residential Investment Corp makes sure to hire the best employees to keep their company running efficiently.

In the United States during recent years the need for mortgage loans has increased a lot. This is making for some pretty good investment options. New Residential Investment Corp was developed as a spin off of the well known company Newcastle Investment Corp. They wanted to branch out on their own.

New Residential Investment Corp has worked hard to develop their own company. With the need for real estate mortgages steadily climbing, New Residential Investment Corp will continue to grow. When starting this business they never guessed they would become so successful, but the need for their service is rising so they will see nothing but success.

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Benefits Of An Agera Energy Plan

Agera Energy offers energy plans for many households. Their products tend to be lower than their competitors and they offer both natural gas and home energy plans. There are several benefits to having Agera provide you with your energy needs.

Enrollment Is Quick

If Agera Energy is offered in your state then you can easily enroll online. All you need is your utility bill. Enrollment tends to take no more than five minutes.

Green Energy Is Available

For those that are concerned about the environment, there are green Agera Energy options. Residential customers can easily see different options available for them. Rates are broken down by the length of the term.

Renewal Is Easy

When it’s time to renew, your Agera Energy plan renewal information will be sent well in advance. You won’t have to wait until your contract is about to expire before you find out information about renewing it for the upcoming year. You will receive this information well before your contract expires so that you have enough time to decide whether or not you want to renew it for another term.

Hassle Free Process

The entire process is hassle free. From viewing rates, to choosing a plan and buying it, you’re entire experience will be pleasant. There are no sales people to deal with and no one will try to pressure you into buying a product. You are free to choose whatever plan you feel will meet your needs.

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What You Need to Know About James Dondero

James Dondero is not only the chairman of Highlands Capital but also its co-founder. He joined the University of Virginia and graduated with the highest honors. This was after he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Accounting and Finance option. He possesses Certified Public Accountant and Certified Managerial Accountant Certifications on his name. He has recently conferred the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Read more about James Dondero at

Highland Capital Management is an alternative equity firm that has been in operation for 25 years now. Its headquarters are situated in Dallas, Texas with offices in Sao Paulo, Singapore, Seoul and New York City.

James Dondero has amassed a massive 30-year experience in the equity and credit investments. He has seen Highland Capital Management move at the helm by being able to offer services to both retail and institutional entities globally. All thanks to the development of a CLO market and advanced Credit solutions. As we speak, Highlands Capital Management can offer products such as hedge funds, private equities, mutual funds and many more. Visit to know more about him.

James Dondero holds other positions apart from the one in Highland Capital as listed below.

  1. Chairperson and President of NexPoint Residential Trust, inc


  1. President and chairperson of Cornerstone Healthcare Holdings, Inc


  1. President and Chairperson of CCS medical


  1. A board member Jernigan Capital Holdings, Inc


  1. Chairperson at NexBank Capital, Inc


  1. A board member at the Southern Methodist University.


James Dondero is a very dedicated philanthropist who has a passion for supporting education activities. Public policies and affairs. He was also among the kingpins who helped found GIC which is a subsidiary of Protective Life. He was appointed to serve in the position of a Chief Investment Officer. He is attributed to have taken the company to a whopping $2 billion net capital from scratch.

He later in 1985 moved to American Express where he worked as a bond analyst as well as the portfolio manager. Before moving to American Express, he worked at JP Morgan Training Program as an analyst, and this was actually the start of his career milestones.