Robert Ivy, FAIA, Awarded Lifetime Achievement Honor

For the first time ever, an architect has been honored with the Polk Award that is always awarded to residing Mississip-connected artists plus art patrons. These are professionals who have been striving to create, perform and support the artwork extraordinarily and worthily that deserves to be honored. Robert Ivy has joined the small list of renowned Mississippians who have been honored. The first person to be awarded was Eudora Welty who is a writer in 2001, Morgan Freeman who is an actor in 2007 among many others. More about of Robert Ivy at Huffpost

Robert Ivy is one of the leading architects who strive in making architecture to be readily accessible to the public in Mississippi. Being a renowned author and commentator on the field of architecture, Robert now takes his rightful position in the applauded list of the Noel Polk Award honorees. This is according to the president of MIAL nancy LaForge.

Having served as the Chief Executive Officer of AIA from 2011, and as a writer, editor, and practicing architect, Ivy is really a worthy ambassador for this profession. This honor serves as a crowing personal as well as professional accomplishment for him as a resident of Mississippi.

Robert Ivy served as McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record Editor-in-Chief of before being poached by the AIA in 2011. During his leadership tenure, he helps the Architectural Record to become the broadly distributed architectural publication globally and scooped many awards which comprise the National Magazine Award due to the General Excellence. Additionally, Ivy guided the McGraw Hill’s design and the establishment of the media when it experienced explosive growth in China. He initiated a Mandarin edition of Architectural Record.

At the AIA, Robert has significantly developed the organization’s international footprint, which is at its highest level of membership in so many years. Currently, the architects in the US are practicing across the world, supported by the seven international chapters of AIA, comprising recent chapters in Canada and China.

Previously, Robert Ivy was awarded by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi, due to his effectiveness in explaining the importance of design. He was also honored with the Dean’s Medal. Visit:  


Motherhood In Art by Ann Scango

Not all art of mothers and children reflect the painful side of motherhood. Motherhood begins way before birth. At the time of fertilization the woman’s life is changed forever. Setting aside the mental and chemical change a woman endures, Senga Nengudi’s R.S.V.P., 1975-present is a creative depiction of the physical change a woman goes through during her pregnancy.

The Physical Depiction With Art

As the mother’s body adjusts to carry a new life, in R.S.V.P., each sand filled pantyhose is adjusting as well. Stretching and pulling in different directions to accommodate the new weight. It is unpredictable and shows the body’s resilience. The difficulty of motherhood is explained here as the hoses are stretched to the limits just like a mother’s body when carrying a baby. Strong women who have experienced motherhood seem to really be on point when it comes to portraying that life in art form. They have shown emotion and surrealism that one can only begin to appreciate if they understood what it actual took to be a mother.

About Ann Scango

Ann Scango is a visual artist and sculptor who uses polyurethane foam as well as a range of industrial resources from the environment in Austin Texas to create texturally complex and 3d art pieces. Ann Scango can also use simple materials such as mulch from her garden and twigs from the local park. Ann Scango pursued her Firestar Austin fellowship from 2010-2015. She then took a year off to be a sty at home mom. In 2016 Ann Scango became an art curator and started the Scango Collection which is still around today. Ann Scango tackles uses her art to challenge her audience to think about the relationship of humans and nature, as well as open interpretation. Linking humanity with the environment is important in both of Ann Scango’s 3D and 2D works.

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