Guilherme Paulus Has Created One Of The Largest Travel Agencies In Brazil And The World

Guilherme Paulus is a founding partner of CVC, which is a large travel agency and operator that began as a small travel agency in Brazil. He started the company with Carlos Cerchiari in 1972 and has been a large part of its success over the last 45 years. Paulus had earned a business administration degree before his founding of the company, and it helped him to understand many of the details that go along with founding a company. Today, CVC is able to offer a whole lot more than most travel agencies due to the moves that Paulus has made over the years. Visit to learn more.

In 2009, Guilherme Paulus decided to sale a piece of CVC to the Carlyle Group because he figured that the group could help to improve the company in ways that he couldn’t, at the time. This has helped the company to become a multi-billion dollar company that earns $5.2 billion on a yearly basis. On top of this, CVC has plans to open 100 new stores every year and already has a presence in over 400 Brazilian malls. Part of CVC’s efforts have been to open up more locations inside of cities with 60,000 people or less in order to corner the market on a niche area that has not been exploited as of yet.

Guilherme Paulus has always been a believer in being socially responsible in all of his business dealings. He has included his own sense of social responsibility into his business by working with it to support the PIET project. This project is working to train youth to recognize social vulnerability and to act on it when they do. He is also a part of efforts to sponsor the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism, which has the goal of increasing interest in entrepreneurship in the travel market.

Guilherme Paulus has been recognized as being the man who has helped to build one of the most well-known tourist companies in Brazil. With over 30,000 partners that exist in the hotel, airlines, and sea and land carrier industries, he has definitely done something special. The French government and other governments have recognized him for his work, and he has been given many different awards in his own country of Brazil.

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Alex Pall & The Chainsmokers Set Sights On New Heights

If you were to go back in time just a handful of years you would be hard pressed to find a DJ/EDM group quite like The Chainsmokers. Nowadays, The Chainsmokers are standing at the forefront of a musical revolution as they’ve helped to bring EDM out to the masses with catchy pop-hooks and crunchy dance rhythms. With countless charting singles at their back, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers are looking ahead to a career year. Their goal this time is to completely change their focus by internalizing more of their music and making it a more personal experience for their listeners. Pall had a lot to say on the subject and spoke out with some new details.


According to Pall, he and Taggart came together in New York City after a mutual friend put them into communication. Pall quickly realized that he and Taggart had the same mindset when it came to crafting great music. Their goals were simple and their work ethic was mirrored and before long The Chainsmokers was releasing singles on a monthly basis, working their way up the charts with pop-breaking music. Now, The Chainsmokers have taken a little extra time in order to make sure that their next record is a real hit and they are doing this by putting the work in to make it more representative of their reality.


For the first time, Pall and Taggart will be taking a frontal role with the vocals on their new songs. Taggart, specifically, will be sharing lead vocals on a variety of tracks which is a departure from their previous mindset, which allowed guest singers to start on every track. The reason for this, according to Pall and Taggart, is that their new music is more personal and meaningful than ever and that means that their voice should be used to share it with the world. With millions of sold records in their past, it only makes sense that The Chainsmokers innovate in order to keep on climbing up the charts that have been so kind to them throughout their career.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel – Emergency Medicine Doctor

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency medicine physician located in Tallahassee, Florida. Forsthoefel attended Lousiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans back in 2012 according to a source from and currently works in the area. He has been a doctor for six years and is knowledgeable and helpful to patients. Eric Forsthoefel specifically works with patients with traumatic injuries and conditions with heart attacks, drug overdoses, stunned, or massive bleeding as listed by These conditions can be fatal and that is why he is an emergency physician. Eric Forsthoefel works in utter emergency situations and treats many of these different conditions. The individual has also worked with other colleagues as a source by lists that the Forsthoefel has worked with ninety-two other doctors including Dr. Frank Gredler and Dr. Ernesto Umana. Eric Forsthoefel must proceed with caution and with a knowledge of many different practices and with valuable experiences. The doctor also has multiple licenses to work in both Los Angeles and Florida. When it comes down to payment, the doctor accepts 3 insurance plans and will take new patients. Names taken under the insurance plan include Aetna, Medicare, and First Health. Languages supported at his place of practice in Tallahassee, Florida are Spanish and English. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has an overall rating of 2.5 out of a possible 5 on a database from Forsthoefel as listed above must act in drastic life-saving situations in an emergency room. Additionally, the doctor must treat their condition to make sure it does not happen again and improve the individual’s health. Long-term care is essential. Many patients have left favorable reviews with many listing his vast experience to diagnose conditions and treating them. Overall, Eric Forsthoefel is a good doctor with vast expertise and credentials to fit customers needs.


The Visionary Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a man of many talents and his devotion to improving the ranks of the world top ten economies of Brazil and taking it to the next level. Besides working at EnergiparCaptacao S.A, the in fracture specialist by education and training has got the honor of serving in high positions at various companies such as directing Antonio Energia Corporation. The distinct managerial skills he has gained from working in different financial companies have made him a legend in the field. The combination as a financial strategist and the Brazilian best infrastructure specialist has seen him work with other state agency to assist the federal government with the best solutions that effectively eliminate waste across the country while making maximum profits in the process. Visit on his twitter account for more updates.

His dedication of promoting the social status of the Brazilian community, boost economic growth and improve the livelihood of the general population have geared him towards using his skills and expertise to help the government fight infrastructure deficit. His primary focus is in the key areas that touch the ordinary citizens such as the sanitation, street lighting, dare care and pre-school facilities, and the transportation sector. He is doing so by complementing the state agencies with the use of improved PPP.

Some of his most notable work in the transportation sector is the use of his PPP projects to revolutionize the road lighting systems that replaced the traditional lamps with modern and energy efficient LED lamps. Aiming to improve the living standards of Brazilian and promoting accessibility of quality education of students from low-income earners, he has constructed more than twenty thousand modern daycare centers and state of the art pre-schools in the capital. FelipeMontoro Jens has also contributed through partnering with other private firms in modernizing pavements, hiking trails, and bike curbs along some main avenues that are commonly used by ordinary citizens in the city.

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Motherhood In Art by Ann Scango

Not all art of mothers and children reflect the painful side of motherhood. Motherhood begins way before birth. At the time of fertilization the woman’s life is changed forever. Setting aside the mental and chemical change a woman endures, Senga Nengudi’s R.S.V.P., 1975-present is a creative depiction of the physical change a woman goes through during her pregnancy.

The Physical Depiction With Art

As the mother’s body adjusts to carry a new life, in R.S.V.P., each sand filled pantyhose is adjusting as well. Stretching and pulling in different directions to accommodate the new weight. It is unpredictable and shows the body’s resilience. The difficulty of motherhood is explained here as the hoses are stretched to the limits just like a mother’s body when carrying a baby. Strong women who have experienced motherhood seem to really be on point when it comes to portraying that life in art form. They have shown emotion and surrealism that one can only begin to appreciate if they understood what it actual took to be a mother.

About Ann Scango

Ann Scango is a visual artist and sculptor who uses polyurethane foam as well as a range of industrial resources from the environment in Austin Texas to create texturally complex and 3d art pieces. Ann Scango can also use simple materials such as mulch from her garden and twigs from the local park. Ann Scango pursued her Firestar Austin fellowship from 2010-2015. She then took a year off to be a sty at home mom. In 2016 Ann Scango became an art curator and started the Scango Collection which is still around today. Ann Scango tackles uses her art to challenge her audience to think about the relationship of humans and nature, as well as open interpretation. Linking humanity with the environment is important in both of Ann Scango’s 3D and 2D works.

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Adam Milstein Reflects on Past Tragedies and Helps People Move Forward

People go through tragedies in different ways. Some people go through personal tragedies that they have to work through. Then there are tragedies that hit a people as a whole, and on a natural or cultural level. Either way, people are met with a challenge to overcome the tragedies. The worst part of these tragedies is that they tend to be very tricky to overcome. Some people work very hard to get past the tragedy only to find themselves in a relapse. However, there are ways that people can overcome their tragedies and make a more positive life from it.


One of the people who takes a negative experience and makes a positive outcome from it is Adam Milstein. He is aware of the holocaust and looks for ways that he can help his people overcome the long-term effects of this tragedy. Even though they have gone through this tragedy as a people, they have made a lot of achievements throughout their lives. They have banded together and worked to lift each other up so that they can effectively move forward. Another thing that Adam Milstein does is look into ways to avoid another tragedy like this. He has a lot of insights that help in this case.


One thing that Adam Milstein points out about the holocaust is that it does not happen in just one night. There is a process involved. This process is often long running. It often starts as something small such as racism and anti-semitism. It also grows a little bit over time. Therefore, it is important to catch this issue and make every effort to prevent another holocaust. This can be done in multiple ways including the strengthening of the community as well as doing everything possible to discourage such occurrences of anti-semitism. Leadership is also important, which is what Adam Milstein has provided.

The Reign of Louis Chenevert in UTC

The success of an investor is determined by their focus and their determination to get what they want. Louis Chenevert is today’s most discussed investor. No one knew he could end up doing so great in the industry. He studied Production Management in the University. His objective being to maximize the input of the firm as they minimize the costs. This is efficiency in production.

Louis Chenevert first job was at General Motors. He worked here for 14 years. He used this time to learn the ways of running an organization. Before he left, his efforts to improve the status of the company were awarded by being promoted to the General Production Manager.

In 1993 he joined the Pratt & Whitney. This was as a different field as they were specializing in the manufacture of engines. Louis Chenevert hard work and commitment led to a significant improvement in the unit he was working. After his evaluation for six years, the firm promoted him to the president. It was not long after this that the United Technologies Corporation saw the difference he was making in the firm and nominated them as their CEO.

Making a change in UTC at the moment was not easy given that the nation was going through a financial crisis. However, he used all his experience and innovation to bring a change in the firm. One of the ways he did this was through the purchase of the GTF engine. He had seen its potential when he was in Pratt & Whitney. He led UTC to buy it at $10 billion. Although it took time to design, the project was very successful. The investor also marked history through the purchase of the Goodrich Company at $16 billion. In the long run, all this led UTC to be ranked as the most profitable company in the United States.

Louis Chenevert stepped down from his position in 2014. No scandals or disagreements lead to his retirement. He wanted time off the busy corporate world to have time to send with his family and pursue his interests. Despite him leaving UTC, he will forever be remembered for a reign well served.

InnovaCare Health Thriving Under the Leadership of CEO Rick Shinto

InnovaCare is a healthcare company in the United States. The health company specializes in providing Medicare Advantage Programs and physician services. InnovaCare Health has been providing its clients with top-notch services as part of its commitment to serving the needs of the people. The solution offered by InnovaCare is integrated with the latest technology for the best outcomes. The company is located in Puerto Rico. Currently, there are over 7,000 health providers, serving over 200,000 patients. To make services to the people even smoother, InnovaCare has partnered with Puerto Rico government. InnovaCare is led by Dr. Richard Shinto who is the president and CEO. Previously, he has worked with AVETA Inc. before it was sold to other players in the industry.


Dr. Shinto is one of the experienced players in the industry. For the last two decades, he has been working in the industry in different organizations. He has worked with NAMM and CMO in California. Dr. Richard Shinto has authored various publications on clinical medicine and healthcare. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from California University-Irvine. He then joined State University of New York-Stony Brook. In order to manage the healthcare sector well as a business, he holds a Masters of Business Administration from Redlands University.


Dr. Richard Shinto work in the industry has been recognized through various awards that have been given to him. He is the winner of the Access to Caring Award given by the University of Health Sciences at the Western University. Dr. Shinto was recognized for his achievement in the advancement of healthcare services to poor people.


Dr. Richard Shinto has been working closely with other professionals in the industry to provide better care. One of the people is Penelope Kokkinides who has since his employment proved an invaluable member of the InnovaCare family. Dr. Shinto started his medical practice as a pulmonologist in California. He has since gone ahead to acquire much experience in different institutions of healthcare. The success of InnovaCare can be based on the performance of Dr. Richard Shinto.


The healthcare company has been expanding its research work into other fields which are related to the medical industry so that they can facilitate best services to their clients as much as they can. Dr. Shinto has been an inspiration to many people who work in the healthcare industry. Since he was appointed the CEO, he has taken this a notch higher by facilitating development in the company.


Anthony Petrello Has Produced Important Results In His Many Years As CEO Of Nabors Industries Ltd.

Tony Petrello, who is the CEO of Nabors Industries, Ltd., has earned many accolades over the years for his astute knowledge concerning mathematics, law, and computer science. Tony Petrello has made real progress over the years concerning business expansion and strategic moves while the acting CEO at Nabors Industries Ltd. Nabors Industries is an international company that focuses on geothermal and natural gas drilling services. Nabors Industries’ corporate headquarters is based in Hamilton, Bermuda, while Nabors’ executives are currently situated in Houston, Texas. Nabors Industries is a firm that is recognized for having the world’s largest group of land-based drilling rigs. Nabors Industries was initially called Anglo Energy, Ltd., a company that was founded in 1968.

Before taking the helm as CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello worked as a lawyer for many years. As a lawyer, Mr. Petrello practiced international arbitration, corporate law, and taxation. Beginning in 1986, Mr. Petrello was managing partner at Baker & McKenzie’s law firm, which was located in New York. In 1991, Mr. Petrello accepted a position on Nabors’ board of directors. Tony Petrello replaced Eugene Isenberg in October 2011; then he became the chairman of the board in 2012.

Anthony Petrello used his law degree to help propel himself to a zenith of corporate achievements as CEO of Nabors Industries. Mr. Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as their Chief Operating Officer (COO). Petrello has also been the Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC, the Hilcorp Energy Company as well as the Director of Petrello is also the current Director of Texas Children’s Hospital.

In addition to being a Director of hospitals the Petrello and his wife support, the Petrellos believe firmly in giving back through philanthropy. Petrello — in 2006 — pledged at least 150 thousand dollars to fund an endowment for graduates of Princeton. The idea was to assist those Princeton graduates who were planning to start a business or choose entrepreneurship.

In addition to the 150 thousand dollars that Petrello gave, he said that he would match any other donations of his original amount. This endowment was created to honor Petrello’s friend, mentor, a genius mathematician and Yale teacher, Serge Lang.

Regarding Petrello’s educational résumé, it is quite impressive. He earned a bachelor’s degree from not only Yale but also a master’s degree there as well. Concerning the law milieu, while attended Harvard University Petrello earned a Juris Doctor.

The Unique And Successful Approach Of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education consists of charter schools determined to answer the response for a higher quality of education in the low income communities. These communities have been searching for a way to eliminate the gap in achievement and Rocketship Education is a big part of the solution. During the course of seventeen years Rocketship Education has seen a lot of growth. They now have ten charter schools located throughout the country. They have achieved the top five percent for all districts serving California’s lower income students for three years in a row.

WorkMonger has established a partnership with Rocketship Education and two JobSeekers have already been placed with the charter schools. Once of these individuals is Keina Hodge. She was successfully placed last summer in San Jose as a Business Operations Manager. She has spoken of how much she loves the work she does for Rocketship Education and how much she likes the team. She admits there are generally some obstacles to be faced but says their team is passionate and dedicated to their purpose. She stated the students are now able to have big dreams because of Rocketship Education. The schools are targeting low performance and low income communities to provide the support they need to reach the pinnacle of success.

One of the main reasons Rocketship Education is unique is because of the approach they use regarding public education. They not only provide their students with an excellent education they also focus on engaging the parents, empowering the teachers and inspiring the communities. They believe it is critical parents are given the option to choose where their kids attend school. The school model has family engagement embedded in the principles. Parents are required to volunteer at every single Rocketship school. This is by no means a penalty but rather an opportunity to help build a community with an investment in the education of every child. Rocketship Education has made a positive difference for each and every one of these kids.