The Layered Philanthropic Gradient of Stream Energy

The primary objective of Stream Energy is to explore oil and gas. The company is actively involved in direct selling of oil, gas and energy products with high levels of profitability. Well, there is a new trend where companies are involved in corporate social responsibility calls subconsciously. Steam energy has been no exemption.

This exploration company just unveiled the Stream Cares Foundation which is a charity function of the company. This will provide the course for the company to follow in dispensing its philanthropic, environmental and humanitarian aid through the United States. Being mindful of the people around Stream Energy is an ingrained DNA in the company. Nevertheless, it has not been spelled out despite the company being responsive to charity calls.

Stream Energy, in conjunction with Hope Supply Co. among other organization, were quick to give immediate response and relief to the victims of the Hurricane Harvey. This is a natural catastrophic event that destroys properties, lives were lost and many rendered homeless. The Stream Cares promptly got on site to help in building the victim’s lives altogether again. They also provided basic needs such as food, clothing and temporary shelter as they embarked on building new structures. It’s not the only community-based project, and the foundation they have supported. It has supported grassroots projects, is a party to Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross and has a new project dubbed Stream Green aimed at environmental conservation and preservation.

About Stream Energy

It is an energy-based company that employs the multi-level marketing business model of direct selling through associates. It essentially means that it offers unlimited job and growth opportunities to all who would want to become part of the independent distributors. The offers have competitive commissions, benefits, and incentives.

Stream Energy was founded in 2005 by Pierre Koshakji and Rob Snyder with the head offices based in Dallas, Texas. It was among the first privately held companies to be allowed to provide energy services to the populace; igniting up the city. Mark Bouncer Schiro is the company’s Chief Executive Officer who has continued to grow and expand this enterprise since he was appointed to the position.

The philanthropic efforts of James Dondero, in Texas

Of all the great things a person can do with his/her own life, none compares to self-less giving, where one expects nothing in return . Taking time out of a packed schedule and donating ones resources to the greater benefit of the community, is a commitment that cannot be taken for granted. For James Dondero , his commitment to philanthropy is one of his greatest calling in life , despite experiencing overwhelming success in the finance world.

Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management, an investment firm that helps individual investors manage their asset portfolios, equity accounts, hedge funds, distressed debts and long-only funds. It is in Dallas, Texas that his company has its headquarters. Consequently, most of James Dondero’s initiatives are towards the Dallas community. For most people, having a glamorous finance career would be the culmination of their life’s efforts, but not for James Dondero. For Dondero he subscribes to a higher purpose and calling, and being of service to fellow humankind is by far the noblest act.

Commitment to Dallas Zoo

Dallas Zoo is one of the main recipients of Dondero’s efforts. After the management of the Dallas zoo decided to shut down operations of their hippo habitat in 2001, James Dondero stepped in and donated $1 million to enable the hippo habitat to stay afloat.

Other philanthropic causes

His generous commitment to Dallas Zoo is just one among many of the charity efforts that Dondero is involved in. The successful entrepreneur also actively supports the Perot Museum of Natural Science, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, the Tower Scholars program and Education is Freedom Charity. To further his philanthropic efforts, James teamed up with Mary Jalonick to identify a number of charities that they would be best suited to sponsor. Since then, Dondero has increased his charity budget to more than $3million annually.

Philanthropy Comes Natural to Stream Energy

Stream Energy has made philanthropy an intrinsic part of its corporate philosophy. Its desire to help others has always been important to the Dallas-based company, but its specific goals were greatly enhanced with the creation in 2016 of its Stream Cares Foundation.

American corporations are known for their altruism, with businesses donating nearly $20 billion to the charities of the world in 2016 alone. In addition to direct donations, corporate sponsorships and employee donations have helped countless causes in the United States and elsewhere. Among states, however, Texas is not known for its generosity. Stream Energy is attempting to change this through a series of philanthropic activities.

Some assistance is directed at other parts of the country, although much is concentrated within the borders of Texas. This was the case when Hurricane Harvey inundated Houston with more than 50 inches of rain in August 2017. Stream Energy soon arrived to offer assistance to those affected, using its funds to speed recovery efforts and to reduce the costs of customers who lived in the area. The previous year, the company was involved in the aiding of tornado victims in Texas.

Humanitarian assistance is often needed outside the sphere of natural disasters. Concern over the homeless crisis in Dallas prompted Stream Energy to launch a partnership with Hope Supply Co., which is known for providing needy children with clothing and other necessary items. Working together, the two firms sponsored a “Splash for Hope” event, giving more than 1,000 homeless children a chance to visit a water park.

Stream Energy is also committed to helping those in uniform and military families, with its “Operation Once in a Lifetime” providing financial and personal assistance to veterans living in the Dallas area and its “American Girl Doll Experience” program directed at the daughters of American service personnel.

Established in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji, Stream Energy provides energy and related services to seven states, including Texas, and to the District of Columbia. It employs direct sales principles, with company representatives being paid by commission and also selecting which charitable cause to receive assistance.